Sick Of the Spots on Your Roof?

It's time for roof cleaning services in the Cass City & Bad Axe, MI area

Your roof protects your entire home, so you don't want mold and grime to eat away at and damage your roof. If you have spots on your roof, turn to Looking Fresh Pressure Washing, LLC. We offer roof soft washing services in and around Cass City & Bad Axe, MI. We'll clean your roof to boost your home's appearance.

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Using the right method to clean your roof

Want to know what our cleaning method involves? When we're tackling your roof cleaning project, we'll:

  • Protect shrubs and other plants beneath your eaves
  • Spray a chemical solution on the roof to eliminate grime and mold
  • Soft wash your roof after the chemicals set in to spray away all remaining grime

Roof soft washing will increase your curb appeal while improving your roof's durability. Since grime retains heat, soft washing your roof can also help you keep your home cool. Email us now for roof cleaning services.

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